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Benette & Wessel, Vredenheim, Stellenbosch {28.10.2016}

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All winter blues at bay. This wedding was living proof that South Africa has some of the most beautiful, crisp winter days on offer.  It is no wonder our country attracts so many national and international clients year-round for the exquisite wedding opportunities and beauties…

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Benette and Wessel crossed our path while Benette was staying in New York.  With their wedding day a few months away they wanted the peace of mind that everything would run perfectly, stress-free and with attention to detail. Work pressures and the difference in time zones made it increasingly and incredibly difficult to get things done in a manner that gave the clients affirmation and support. Being on top of everything was of great importance to them as couple and they wanted to ensure everything they had set up was pulled off correctly but also effortlessly without them needing to worry.

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The On the Day coordination package was the perfect match for their needs. Not only have we become friends in the process but their joyful, happy and spontaneous zest for life is one we often refer to when clients enquire about On the day Coordination services. This is how it could and should be. After months of planning, and enlisting your chosen service providers, the last haul should be about the celebrations – not a reflection of anxious days and sleepless nights.

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Benette Botha and Wessel Botha – thank you for trusting us to manage your day on your behalf. It was an immense joy and blessing to have met you and work with you towards achieving these special memories.
13923313_498836540241000_2694878949881259413_o 13925794_498836720240982_5173956063645406207_o 12593592_498837493574238_2753340335096395687_o   13886894_498837630240891_78653840936284640_nThank you to Humble Pie Photography, Clifford Wort Photography, Jubilani Videography, Minke Du Plessis Make up Artist, Lezanne’s Designs – Wedding Stationery, Hudson’s Venue & Restaurant, Classic Cats Vintage car hire, Jesse Jordan live entertainment, DJ Jean, and Susan Verwey Wedding Cakes for all your work on this portfolio, As always Celeste Styled Events has great joy in working with the talents this industry has to offer.


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